Workout Focus and Exercise Intensity/ Keeping a Healthy Balance

Posted by  admin in Quick Tips 01-19-13

I think its extremely important to think about energy output during each of your work out sessions and pay special attention to your level of intensity while you exercise.  No one is going to perform 100%  on every set or each repetition, but I’ve noticed pre planning my work outs gives me a better sense of direction and can raise my overall energy output leading to greater results and increased momentum.  After you’ve completed your work out routine, ask yourself questions like ” Where was my level of intensity on a scale of 1-10?”  “How would I classify my general attitude towards today’s work out?”   Recently, I’ve made it a habit to consistently remind myself  “WHY”  am I here?, always remembering and staying focused on my “short term” and “long range” fitness goals.  Your headed in the right direction when you constantly remind your subconscious mind of your purpose in the gym and begin to incorporate the mental strength behind putting out consistent energy.  If you feel like your simply going through the motions than re adjust your routine, approach it at different angle, raise your level of intensity, and push yourself to break new boundaries. On the other hand, I’ve  even had to back off  my training routine multiple times from simply over-training  and working out w/ too much intensity for an unnecessary amount of time!  You must also take into consideration how important it is maintaining a healthy balance between training, family, rest, and relationships with others.  Stay pumped on your purpose, build your desire, and keep propelling your determination to continue your work outs consistently!          Results Rule!!


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