“Knowledgeable, Motivator, Dependable & Fun!  Stan makes working out fun!  He helps me stay on track with my eating and is a great motivator.   I’ve learned a lot about how to build muscle and get lean. I’ve  seen great results so far ….. Looking forward to all my future fitness workouts with Stan!  I highly recommend!!”

Dana from Plano, Texas              




  I have been a client of Stan’s for over a year.  In that time, I have put on over 10 pounds of well-proportioned muscle, and at the same time lost fat and trimmed up my mid section. Stan has been dedicated to helping me achieve my goals.  With his intense study of physical fitness, diet, and his application of  “mind/muscle” connection we’ve seen great results! This has allowed me to mentally connect with my body and develop an excellent communication technique focusing on proper form through out our weight training routine.  The workout programs he designs for me are ever changing, and therefore avoid becoming dull and routine.  I would highly recommend Stan to anyone who is serious about changing their physical strength, and optimizing their condition to a level or superior health and wellness!
Robert C. Gonzalez   Dallas, Tx
      Stan Newton, has been an amazing workout partner inside and outside of the gym.  I have fueled many of my workouts by feeding off his high energy and intensity.  He is a great motivator that understands the mechanics of working out but more importantly understands the psychology of mental fitness.  I cannot say enough of how much I have learned by working out with him.  He is a long time friend and teacher.
Jose Castro     Plano, TX




   From 23rd to First.
                 I had an athletic competition approaching and I needed to make sure that I was as lean as possible for the event, I also wanted  to make sure that I was well fueled as the event would be decided based on performance.  When looking for advise the first person I thought of was Stan. If I had to see Stan on stage holding another body building trophy before I got my first podium finish in CrossFit I was going to give up and commit myself to a life of mediocrity (and brownies).  I reached out to him. I followed his simple advise. I won. 1st Place. Boom!
                                 Thanks Stan!                                                                                                                    Corbin Matise  Austin, TX