Private personal training with StanFit

Private personal training with StanFit – Plano certified personal trainer

Many people new to the gym and world of fitness may not fully understand the benefits of having a private personal trainer. The benefits of Hands-on instruction will drastically improve your workout experience, and the one on one approach of private personal training will allow you to effectively reach your fitness goals in a timely manner.  Every client at StanFit training will receive a comprehensive fitness evaluation and goal assessment. Our overall fitness consultation ensures that the personal trainer has met the client’s expectations of achieving a greater state of health and wellness.


Whether you are looking to lose weight, gain muscle, or increase your cardiovascular performance; the certified personal trainers at StanFit in Plano, TX  will custom design an exercise program for your current capability. Our private personal trainers will demonstrate the proper movement patterns essential for developing a better body and ensure your fitness goals are safely accomplished. Injury prevention should be considered a top priority for any beginner looking to start an exercise program.  One of the crucial aspects of working w/ a private personal trainer is the know-how of properly operating the machines and equipment around the gym. All of our training clients in Plano and Frisco, Texas recognize the importance of exercise safety as they receive a thorough demonstration of how to properly utilize each machine in a safe and effective manner.

The Hands-on approach of private personal training allows each client to build their self-confidence, feel comfortable in the gym environment, and successfully pursue their passion for a superior fitness level. One of the greatest attributes of 1-1 fitness training is achieved through constant encouragement clients receive at every scheduled private training session. It is important that the client be made aware of their ongoing performance and should be recognized for each goal accomplished through out the training program. The best personal fitness trainers coach their clients over healthy eating habits and give nutritional guidance allowing them to effectively achieve their health and fitness goals. StanFit training services offer custom meal plans tailored to your body’s demand, which in turn will enable a faster pace for realization of your fitness objectives.

Many people are unaware that the most important factor behind their exercise routine    and goal accomplishment remains in the nutritional program.  Some people prefer the  accountability a personal trainer provides ensuring they stay on track while beginning a weight loss program.  Our private personal trainers in Plano, TX set high expectations and hold every client accountable for showing up ready to work out with their full potential in mind.   Perhaps the most obvious reason to involve a private personal trainer is simply for results!  That was the motive for Julie, a weight loss client in Plano, Texas. She enjoys the ongoing support and encouragement while reaching her weight loss goal.

“I wanted a personal trainer to simply get back in shape and I’ve never been a fan of having a corporate gym membership.  I have been working with Stan as my fitness coach for several months now.  He has helped me to motivate myself and to understand the importance of incorporating exercise into my daily routine.  Stan is knowledgable, motivational, energetic and honest.  Since I’ve been working with Stan as my coach, I’ve lost close to 10 pounds and dropped two sizes … I’m enjoying my favorite jeans again!  I highly recommend Stan to those looking for help in getting into a healthy fitness routine.           Julie – Plano, Tx

Beyond that, she’s gained a new sense of nutritional understanding and a health awareness that she is able to share with her family at home.  There are many advantages for working with a private personal trainer and it’s clearly the most effective means for accomplishing your fitness desires and health needs.

Be sure and schedule your FREE Personal Training consultation today and allow the trainers at StanFit Training in Plano show you the way!

                “Stan is a great trainer, he motivates me and pushes me to another level. He’s very knowledgeable about what we are doing and each exercise by showing what muscles we are working, and he knows a lot about nutrition. He is truly a great trainer I would highly recommend him.”

                                              Grant Mcswain      Plano, Tx





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