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Strength training is extremely crucial for every fitness enthusiast looking to achieve a healthy mind, body, and soul.  Resistance training with weights, machines, or even doing body weight exercises can be easily incorporated with any of your current fitness routines.  You’ll also notice that muscular strength and endurance are listed as the top 2 essentials under the five components of Fitness, and resistance training has always been voted #1 by fitness professionals around the globe each year. So ask your self the question…. “Why do I always dodge the weights at the gym and go strait to the cardio area?”  Its been proven that simply doing 20 minutes of high intensity dumbbell training can radically transform your body faster than 45 minutes training on the life fitness elliptical machine.  The exercise programs at StanFit Plano fitness center and frisco fitness center located in Plano, Frisco, TX, are custom designed with multiple high intensity work intervals, which allow you to excel around all components in fitness.  You will receive hands on training at plano gym and frisco fitness ceter covering all the basic fundamentals of fitness and begin to understand the proper biomechanics behind the correct strength training exercises.  Raise your standard of fitness and make a conscious effort to start your fitness and work out routine w/ at least 20-30 minutes of moderate to intense resistance style training.

The life fitness machines, hammer strength decs, and fitness in motion cable machines available at plano fitness center and frisco fitness center are all great equipment options for those new to their fitness routine.  All of these machines are located at the StanFit Plano fitness and plano gym located in Plano, Tx near the Austin Ranch community.  Your first phase of fitness training will allow you to learn the basic motor patterns necessary for the balance and stability needed for resistance training.  After about three to four weeks you may choose to take your strength and endurance to the next phase of pushing, pulling, pressing and lifting.  Free weight fitness training consist of many various forms of exercise while using equipment like dumbbells, barbells, and, kettle bells.    The mind and body must work diligently together during the process of executing multiple sets and numerous reps to activate and develop new muscle tissue. The personal fitness trainer services at StanFit plano gym, plano fitness center and frisco fitness club are available for beginning, intermediate, or advanced levels of fitness, and we will establish your current level of fitness, current measurements, and ensure you’re motivated to achieve your new fitness goals!   Your level of strength and endurance will continue to progress as you take on new balance and movement patterns necessary for the mind-muscle connection of muscular contraction.  The benefits behind a successful resistance-training program will give you a new appreciation for the rising standards of health and fitness.

Beyond the facts of increasing your strength, endurance, and anaerobic capacity is that the elderly population benefits by including weight training and functional movements in their fitness routines.  Plano, TX has been recorded as one of the most healthy and wealthy cities that continues to rank highly amongst improving “fitness awareness” to the many senior citizens around the community. Osteoporosis has been prevented and even treated with the utilization of weight bearing exercises to increase the bone strength and density essential for everyone in the world of fitness.  Several studies across North Dallas show that more and more people are becoming interested in how to truly transform their bodies, and the survey results show Plano, Tx to have some of the top fitness professionals working to assist their clients achieve their fitness goals.  Your overall body composition will drastically transform as you begin adding in some weight training exercises to your personal plan of fitness. The best part about resistance training is the increased spirit of confidence, and the new found passion for pressing barbells and weights while using the proper form and technique to allow many quality reps!  Its important to know your performance in the weight room is the key to transforming your physique and achieving a superior level of fitness.

To learn more about how our clients have benefited from private personal trainer at StanFit plano fitness center and frisco fitness center, visit our testimonials. We offer private personal training, health, gym, weight training and endurance training at our plano fitness and plano gym, and cater to Plano, Frisco, Allen and surrounding neighborhoods.

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