Maximize your workouts

Posted by  admin in Quick Tips 12-28-13


Some of the best results come from utilizing your full body in one movement, and while time is sometimes short these types of exercises are certainly the most efficient when stepping in the gym.  The more muscles we stimulate at once will allow for a greater calorie burn while strengthening and toning multiple muscle groups all at the same time.  I would recommend establishing a good sense of balance and coordination before attempting any of these exercises w/ added weight.

The traditional body squat is a good movement to start with and can be practiced freestanding or with the added assistance of a stability ball for those looking for more support.  Always stand with your feet shoulder width apart and allow your feet to slightly externally rotate to the outside just a few degrees.  It’s important that your hips initiate your downward descent while keeping your knees from extending over your toes. The heels of your feet should remain intact while driving through the ankle joints and allowing an open chest w/ the spine extended throughout the upward and downward phase of the movement.

Once you’ve mastered the traditional squat movement you may begin to add arm presses, curls, and shoulder raises in order to maximize your total body workout. It is important to establish a good foundation of correct form and technique before pushing additional weight.  The hands on training at Stanfit will provide you with the correct knowledge for ensuring safe and effective future workouts that will last a lifetime.