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You’ve decided its time to get back in shape and stay committed to living a life of superior health and wellness. Many people including some of our clients in Frisco struggle w/ developing an efficient fitness routine and it can be overwhelming for most newcomers getting started in the gym. Your motivation is there but somehow you seem stuck between jogging outside, lifting weights, and participating in your local aerobics class.  We all desire to change our body so it’s physically fit, strong, attractive, and has the endurance to keep up with the rapid pace our world brings today. Fitness circuit training, a specialty service at StanFit Frisco fitness, could easily be the answer to all your exercise questions and help assist filling the void in your quest for fitness fulfillment.

Many successful clients at StanFit Frisco fitness have been able to reach their weight loss goals while working under fast pace intervals with short to moderate periods of rest. Fitness circuit training is a unique style of working out which allows clients to accomplish their fitness goals of gaining lean muscle, burning stubborn body fat, and improving their aerobic endurance through cardio conditioning.  Circuit training will allow you to cover all the major fitness components in a short period of time while maximizing the calories burned through out the entire work out!  More muscles are required to work simultaneously forcing your body to burn more than double the calories. A 150-lb. person burns approximately 756 calories in only 60 minutes of circuit training, according to the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition. This can definitely help your health and fitness goals in Frisco, Texas.

Fitness circuit training is well known for decreasing belly fat and has even shown an increase in thermogenesis up to 38 hours after work out completion.  Your level of conditioning is quickly perfected after completing anywhere from 4-10 exercises within each circuit set while allowing for 20-30 seconds rest between each exercise. This intense type of training is extremely effective in increasing strength, stamina, and muscular endurance.  Above all else, the personal trainers at StanFit fitness in Frisco, TX will customize a fitness circuit training routine that will radically transform your body into a fuel-efficient fat burning machine.  At our fitness location in Frisco each client is held accountable w/ regular weigh-ins and body composition assessments that accurately measure your progress through out the circuit fitness program.

It’s clearly obvious that fitness circuit training stands out among many people looking to shape up and the clients at StanFit Frisco fitness and personal training services in Texas couldn’t agree more.  Jose Castro, a weight loss client in Plano, Texas, was very eager to share his success with his personal training program at StanFit.

“I was constantly in the gym for multiple hours every day and still struggling to achieve my fitness goals with my own routine.  StanFit was able to design my workouts so they burned more calories in even less time!   I’ve lost 25 lbs in 4 months and can already see my abs showing.” 

The benefits of fitness circuit training will certainly pay off for many exercisers looking to transform their image and obtain quality results that last a lifetime. Be sure to learn about the most favorite fitness center in Frisco and schedule your free fitness consultation today and allow the trainers at StanFit personal training services show you the way!


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