Maximize your workouts

Posted by  admin in Quick Tips 12-28-13

  Some of the best results come from utilizing your full body in one movement, and while time is sometimes short these types of exercises are certainly the most efficient when stepping in the gym.  The more muscles we stimulate at once will allow for a greater calorie burn while strengthening and toning multiple muscle … Continue reading

Workout Focus and Exercise Intensity/ Keeping a Healthy Balance

Posted by  admin in Quick Tips 01-19-13

I think its extremely important to think about energy output during each of your work out sessions and pay special attention to your level of intensity while you exercise.  No one is going to perform 100%  on every set or each repetition, but I’ve noticed pre planning my work outs gives me a better sense … Continue reading

Kitchen prep

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CLICK LINK—Nutrition Prep   Check this video to see how simple it truly is to find time for proper food preparation to ensure your eating success!!

Staying on Course

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Its important to remember “why” am I working out and restricting my eating habits so they are constantly healthy. You must close your eyes and cast a vision of what you will look like, feel like, and act like once you have obtained your fitness goals. Its mandatory you keep those positive images in front … Continue reading