About Stan

Improving our body, mind, and spirit is a personal journey. Along the way we need the assistance of a  mentor who encourages without belittling. An instructor who helps us aspire to greater heights, without insisting that results are only attained when ascribing to drill-like routines.

Stan is just such a personal trainer. He believes that both he and his clients exponentially grow when diligent efforts are recognized, concepts are built precept-upon-precept, and goals are consistently re-assessed to keep pace with personal aspirations.

Stan has always been a kinetic learner. Even as a child, he was one of those people who thoroughly enjoyed physical activity. He relished in dexterity activities – such as skateboarding – as ardently as he did in weight training and fitness regimes. These early experiences provided Stan a sense of accomplishment and direction in life, a passion he enthusiastically shares with his clients.

Perhaps the most impressive philosophy Stan brings to his role as fitness trainer is the awareness that every client has a unique style of learning. Some are great listeners, assimilating his instructions and immediately applying them to their current awareness of fitness principles. Others prefer visual demonstrations, better-comprehending the function of muscles and stance when they can see them in action. Many people prefer to experience the feel of their own muscle-responses. It helps them understand the validity and function of movement. For these clients, Stan performs partnering exercises that demonstrate muscle-group tension, trunk function, and the role our limbs play in providing balance and support.

Always the resourceful self-starter, Stan has thus far spent two years studying nutrition, in order to better-understand the interaction between diet and fitness. He believes in addressing the body/mind/spirit connection and is confident that by sharing what he knows in a spirit of education, friendship, and compassion, he is fulfilling his commitment to both God and his fellow client.


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Other tidbits about Stan

  • Served 5 years active duty in the U.S. Navy squadron VR-59 as an aviation mechanic.
  • Texas men’s physique competitor in the NPC – winner of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place trophies.
  • Certified personal trainer through the National Exercise and Sports Trainer Association.
  • National Council for Certified Personal Trainers